2014 Challenge

March 5

Didn’t have to work today but instead spent my time doing a group project, reading two chapters, and printing out an article I have to read for my paper. All after class & I got to go to bed relatively early! 

March 4

Had my long day of classes and didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked. But, talked to my man about some serious stuff. Sleep over there to patch things up. I love him. Fell asleep in his arms. 

March 3

Did homework in the morning for my Tuesday class. Went to class. Then, went to work again. Long day and some tension with the man. Cooked dinner for about two hours because I was frying up a whole package of chicken….snacked on a piece or two while I did it which was good because by the time I finished I was too tired to eat. I just went to bed and passed out. 

March 2

Had to work again today. Then, went shopping for new work jeans and windshield wipers. Went grocery shopping too then came home to make dinner…goulash. Pretty tasty dinner. Went to bed happy and in my mans arms. 

March 1

Opened for work in the morning. Came home and waiting to pick up my man from a wedding he went to (not a happy evening for me). But I got some work done for school so productive at least. I met a friend of my man’s who lives in NC and his gf. 

February 28th

Didn’t have to work today because I had my first accounting exam after class. Then, went out to my man’s friend’s house and had a good time with all of them. We played X-box with our bodies as the controllers (whatever that was called). I almost won the tennis championship tournament. 

February 27

Had class all day & then went to the last home game for the boys basketball team. It was my first game in two years going here because usually they fall when I have classes or work. It was a good date w/ the man and then i had a floor meeting. At least I got to fall asleep in my man’s arms!

February 26th

Woke up next to my man. Then, went to class. Then, went to my adviser meeting and planned my classes for the last two years of school at UA. Then, I got some work done and watched some basketball.